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Providing Superior Chimney Services

We can inspect and repair the chimney at your home in Port Allen or Baton Rouge, LA

A dirty or damaged chimney is one of the top causes of house fires every year. Don't take a chance on the safety of your home and family - call on Always There Chimney Repair for professional chimney services.

We provide:

When you need a chimney sweep, rely on us. Call 225-286-7245 today to schedule a chimney maintenance appointment in the Port Allen or Baton Rouge, LA area.

Don't neglect your chimney

You try to take care of every part of your home, but it's easy to forget about your chimney. If you need chimney maintenance or cleaning services, turn to Always There Chimney Repair. Our team can clean out your flue and inspect your chimney for any signs of damage. If we find any issues, we can provide the necessary repairs right away.

Was your chimney damaged in a recent storm? We also offer storm damage repair services. Make an appointment for chimney services in the Port Allen or Baton Rouge, LA area.

We can solve your chimney problems

Does your chimney leak when it rains? Have you noticed stains above your fireplace? Turn to Always There Chimney Repair right away. We can inspect your chimney carefully and identify any areas that need repairs or cleaning. We'll also make sure that your chimney meets proper safety codes and is safe from mold growth.

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